Guided Rifle Hunting

Front Range Pack In For Elk, Deer, Bear Or Mountain Lion With Guaranteed Tags.

The front range hunt is very similar to a wilderness hunt except there is no air taxi charter. You can drive directly to our tent base camp. The cook tent and hunters’ sleep tents are large. We have three other smaller sleep tents for the crew or women hunters. If you want your wife or friend to accompany you as a non-hunter, the front range is the place to bring them.

We saddle the horses and mules at 3:00 am and are usually in the saddle by 5:00 or 6:00 am each morning. We do both archery hunts and rifle hunts for elk in this front range area. This rugged terrain is between 5700’ and 10,000’ in elevation. It is not uncommon to stalk elk and look down on mountain goats grazing below you. These hunts are 6 days long (plus a day into camp and out of camp). On these front range hunts, we recommend everyone also get a wolf tag as they are very inexpensive, and you just never know when that opportunity will arise. All tags are guaranteed through our outfitter’s allocation.

The deer season overlaps the elk archery season and most of the elk rifle season. Elk, deer, bear, and lion tags are guaranteed through the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. All archery hunts are operated in the front range from August 30-September 30. The rifle deer season is open from October 10-24 and rifle elk is open from October 15-November 8. Exact hunt dates are listed on the price sheet.

We want every hunter to have the best time of their life. Guides work hard, tags are guaranteed, horses and mules are gentle, and there is plenty of good food. The only thing we are missing is you.

As a hunter, you only need three things. Be in good shape, be comfortable with your weapon and show up with a smile on your face. Everything else takes care of itself.

Front range hunts operate on the Salmon River between Challis and Stanley, Idaho. Although this hunt is not in the wilderness, it borders the Frank Church/ Cecil D. Andrus- White Clouds Wilderness and has some area that is more rugged than our Frank Church area. Because this area is so rugged, you need to be in the best shape possible. Even though our weight limit is 250 pounds, that does not mean a 6’- 250-pound guy is in good shape. Not only should your body fat percentage be less than 20%, but you also need to work your cardiovascular. If you live at sea level, the oxygen content at 8000’ will kick your butt. We spend all our time glassing, riding, or hiking and we always walk downhill. If you have a belly, your knees will give out after the first day. Please do not waste your money or our time by booking a hunt with us if you are not in shape. Every year, I have one or two hunters who tell me they will use this hunt as incentive to get in shape. They never do but once we purchase your tags, you are stuck. If you plan to book this hunt, make sure you are physically fit before you call us. 

I have had more than one hunter leave after the first day because they couldn’t handle the steep terrain. As much as you look forward to this hunt, the guides are just as passionate. This may sound negative to you, but I need everyone to be honest with us and with yourself. Even though every hunter may dream of these hunts, these hunts are not suited for every hunter. We want your experience to be the best Idaho has to offer and that takes preparation and dedication. If you are willing to dedicate your time and body, we will help you accumulate some of the best memories of your life

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