Idaho Black Bear & Wolf Hunts

Our black bear and wolf hunts run from April 1- June 30 in the spring. It again opens up from Aug 30 – Nov 18. These wilderness, horseback, and tent camp hunts are usually warm weather hunts.  All hunters must fly into the wilderness where they will be met by the guide at the airstrip.  We use gentle horses and mules and we serve hearty meals. The camp is our typical wall tent set up with a hunters’ sleep tent, guide sleep tent and cook tent.  Along with bear hunting, we also hunt wolves. Wolves were reintroduced into the Frank Church Wilderness in 1996. Since that reintroduction, they have expanded and proliferated to the point that we not only need a season, we struggle to keep their numbers in check.  Whereas mountain lions and black bears have one or two cubs or kittens every other year, wolves will have a pack of 5-10 (I have personally seen as many as 19) every year. Each hunter is allowed 2 bear tags and 5 wolf tags. This can be a very physical hunt so get in shape.  For the bears, we bait and spot and stalk. In early April, the bears are lethargic and we glass north faces where they first come out of their dens. We glass and howl for wolves. We have had packs of wolves howling at us while saddling horses at camp and we have shot bears that wandered through camp. You never know where you are going to find predators. We have taken black bears that square over 7 feet and wolves that weigh in excess of 140-150 pounds; in fact, we have a top 10 wolf in the SCI record book.  If riding horses, hunting predators, and hunting during spring weather conditions is what you like, you will love this hunt in the largest wilderness in the lower 48 states. This is one hunt where long-range shooting is very beneficial. I usually do not push my hunters to shoot long range but on this hunt, I do. Your odds of killing your game increase drastically if you are a 1000-yard shooter. The open hillsides and cross canyon shots present a long-range shooter’s paradise. This is not an archery hunt so don’t even think about it. Our goal on this hunt is to reduce predators. We would love to help you help our big game herds! Idaho black bear and wolf hunts. Contact us today!

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