Idaho Drop Camps - Guaranteed Tags for Elk, Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion or Wolf

Drop camps can be arranged in the front range.  We take anywhere from 2-6 people at a time in the camp.  We do not mix parties.  These hunts include horseback transportation from the trailhead to the camp and back, meat packing (if we can get a mule to it), food, tents, cots, foam pads, all cooking equipment, wood stoves, sleep/cook tent.  Drop camps can be arranged in the archery season, rifle deer season or the combination rifle deer/elk season.

These hunts are a great way to get in the outdoors with your family or friends.  The success rates are not as good as guided hunts because of the lack of stock to get around and guides who know the habits of the game but they are much less expensive. There is game in the area and those hunters that get after it and are in good shape usually do well. Please look at the “success rates” page of this web site to see how past hunters have done.  Hunters are welcome to have elk, deer, bear, mountain lion and wolf tags.  All tags are guaranteed.