There are several ways to get to us for a wilderness trip. Driving directly to Challis is the way most hunters and fishermen get to our area. Challis is located about four hours south of Missoula Mt., three hours north of Idaho Falls, four hours north east of Boise and five and a half hours north of Salt Lake City. Most clients spend the night in Challis before their trip. When using a wilderness air taxi, we always try to fly early in the mornings. The air is typically denser (has more lift) and calmer in the morning, especially in the summer and early fall.  The wilderness is no place to mess around with flying.  Everything we do has a risk but we try to minimize those risks as much as possible.

To get to our front range area, we may require you to drive directly to our home/lodge if you are lion or bear hunting, or we may need you to drive to the trailhead.  If you are hunting from the trailhead, we find the Boise airport is a little closer than Idaho Falls.

Either way, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you make your flying and driving arrangements.

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