Throughout the season we have three main styles of camps.

During the summer season your camp will consist of:

Large 14x20cook tent (stove, table, & chairs)
Several small two-man tents with foam pads
Large screen shade tent
Solar shower

During the fall and winter your camp will either be a large base camp which consists of:|

Large 14x20cook tent (stove, table, & chairs)
Large 14x20hunter’s tent (shower, stove, cots, & foam pads)
Small 12x14guide tent (stove, cots, & foam pads)
Outhouse Or a small spike camp which consists of:

Small 12x14wall tent (stove, table, chairs, foam pads, & bunk beds)

Our spring bear and front range winter lion hunts operate out of our home situated in the hunt area. The accommodations are very comfortable.

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