Wilderness and Front Range Hunts

Probably the most iconic elk hunt Idaho has to offer is the wilderness bugle hunt.  This hunt has been around for decades and allows a hunter the opportunity to hunt elk in the rut with a rifle and have a guaranteed tag. Elk season is two months long and runs from September 15- November 18. The terrain is vast, steep, and rugged.  Every year I see non-residents who come into this area, but I very seldom see them come back a second time. The fish and game pride themselves on giving opportunity to hunters but the reality is very few people harvest elk unless they know where to go and what they are doing. When they do harvest something, many times the meat is wasted because it is just too far to be packed on a backpack. This area is very rugged and remote, elk are few and far between and it takes stock to hunt this area properly. This hunt is usually combined with Mule Deer, black bear, wolf and mountain lion. All tags are guaranteed through our outfitter’s allocation

The front range elk hunt has some very rugged country, but it is not as remote as the wilderness. Because it is more accessible on the fringes, there are fewer tags and a shorter season. There is an archery season from August 30-September 30 and the rifle season is from October 15- November 8. Most of these elk hunts are combined with Mule Deer and wolf. Mountain lion and Black Bear tags can also be purchased but we have very few opportunities during the elk season. All tags are guaranteed through our outfitter’s allocation.  For the past twenty years, we have kept track of all hunter’s success rates. Prices are listed on the price sheet.

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