How to Book a Trip

  1. Know what your chances of success are. Since 2001, we have kept track of the success of each hunter. Please take time to read through these success rates listed under the “Hunting” tab.
  2. Decide whether you want to book a hunt as a 1×1 (one hunter per guide), 2×1 (two hunters per guide) or a drop camp. Overall, you will find that guided hunts are much more productive than drop camps. This is due to mobility of hunting each day from horses and mules and having guides that know the area. If you are truly after a quality animal, book a 1×1 hunt. 2×1 hunts are great for someone like a father and grown son who live far apart and mostly want to be together but do not care who takes the shot. You should not book a 2×1 to save money. We do not book single hunters as a 2×1.
  3. Figure out what your budget is and be honest with yourself on what your physical abilities are. If you are overweight, you will not have fun and probably will not be productive – no matter what hunt you choose. We have tried to help you figure out what your total cost will be including, the price of the hunt, sales tax, air taxi, gratuities, taxidermy, meat processing, major airlines, etc. These prices are listed under the “pricing” tab on our web page.
  4. Know what dates you have available. Along with the prices, all hunt dates are listed on the “pricing” tab of our web page. Call us or email us anytime to see what dates we have available.
  5. Request a contract.  This contract is to protect both you the client, and us the outfitter. This contract will tell you when and where to be, what you are to bring and what we are responsible for.  We have found that over the years most problems happen from a lack of communication. We want you to have as much information as possible.  Brenda will send you the contract via email. Once we send the contract, we will hold your dates open for 10 days. This is plenty of time for you to download the contract, fill it out and send it via snail mail to our P.O. 1189 Challis, ID 83226. A personal check is fine. We do not accept credit cards. If after 10 days we have not received your contract and deposit, the hunt will be open again. Please request a contract only if you have reviewed all of the above information.

We are very happy to help you with any questions that you may have. We feel most of the questions should already be answered on our web site but feel free to call any time.

Mile High Outfitters
Travis and Brenda Bullock
Challis, Idaho 83226