Mule Deer

Wilderness and Front Range Hunts

Mile High has two areas of operation for Mule Deer. Our original area in the wilderness has a two-month long season starting September 15 and runs until November 18. We encourage all hunters to get a mule deer tag all season long. The deer hunting starts out slow and gets better as the season progresses. By November, the deer are in full rut. This is the absolute best time to hunt big bucks who have been hiding in thick timber and high mountain peaks in the early season. All deer tags are guaranteed through our outfitter’s allocation. Prices are listed on the price sheet.

The front range area has an archery season August 30- September 30 for either sex. It also has a rifle season from October 10-24 for bucks only. These tags are also guaranteed through our outfitter’s allocation. With the exception of two special tags in 36 and 36-B, hunting deer in the front range does not allow you to hunt in the rut like the wilderness does. The archery hunt is a great time to hunt bucks in the velvet. Many hunters book an archery hunt with the intent to hunt elk but end up hunting deer instead. There is nothing more exciting than hunting a buck in the velvet. Success rates and prices are listed. Tags are guaranteed through our outfitter’s allocation.

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