Bear Hunts in Idaho | Fall Bear "Cast And Blast Hunts"

Bear hunts in Idaho. Fall bear hunts or “cast and blast hunts” are a combination of hunting bears over bait and spot and stalk, fishing for trout, and shooting grouse. This hunt is ideal for a parent trying to get their child into hunting without putting too much pressure on the kid. It is a laid-back hunt. If your child gets tired, jump in the creek and go swimming. I have never met a kid yet, especially girls, who did not enjoy riding horses.  It is very easy for hard-core hunting parents to overdo it with children and that pushes the child away from hunting.  We strive to get our younger generations involved and this is the perfect hunt to start your child on the right track. Of course, adults are welcome to have fun also. These hunts run between Aug. 30 and Sept. 12 and they are 4 days long.  This hunt usually fits well for getting kids out of school over Labor Day. Dads, if you want to get your daughters involved in hunting, this is the hunt. The bears we hunt in the wilderness receive very little pressure. We have taken black bears that square as large as 7 feet. Wolf hunters are allowed 5 wolf tags per person. You will experience the best bear hunts in Idaho.

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