Stream Fishing

Fly fishing on Big Creek, Camas Creek, and the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is unparalleled in the West. We have over 150 miles of streams to fish in our area. Big Creek is probably my favorite of them all. Big Creek itself is over 40 miles long and contains some of the best fishing in Idaho. It is nothing to catch 50 fish a day. Big Creek is all catch and release fishing for native cutthroat trout. We sometimes catch bull trout, rainbow trout and some very large whitefish but the majority of the fish caught are cutthroats. All stream fishing is catch and release.

Salmon and steelhead still spawn in Big Creek and are seen in August and early September. These migrating fish travel almost 2000 miles and cross eight dams (16 if you count going both ways) just to get to the ocean and back to complete their life cycle. We can not fish for the salmon and steelhead but they are fun to watch while fishing for trout.

Whether you want a drop camp or a horseback, guided adventure, we will do everything we can to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.