Idaho Rifle Hunting: Wilderness Fly/Pack In

These elk and Mule Deer hunts start once you fly into the Frank Church Wilderness Area. We will meet you at the airstrip and pack you to one of our wall tent camps. We hunt off horses and mules each day. These hunts start Sept. 15 and run through Nov. 18 and are best known for the early season, rifle, bugle hunting for elk and the rut hunt in Nov. for Mule Deer. Each hunter is welcome to have 1 elk tag, 1 deer tag, 2 bear tags, 2 lion tags and 5 wolf tags. Elk hunting is great all season. Deer hunting keeps getting better as the season progresses. Bears are plentiful in the early season but tend to hibernate as the season progresses. Mountain lions are tough if you do not have hounds and we usually have a half dozen opportunities at wolves each year.

This is a very physically demanding hunt. If you are grossly overweight, can’t walk downhill, expect room service, a mint on your pillow at night, to be tickled with a feather up your butt and kill a 500 point bull, go to a game farm. We work hard and we expect our hunters to do the same. We maintain high success rates but that is dependent on you to practice your shooting and stay in shape.

All tags are guaranteed. These hunts can be booked as a 1 on 1 or 2 on 1.