Mountain Lion/Wolf

Mountain lion and wolf seasons open Aug. 30 and close March 31. We run lions with hounds Dec.-March. Lion hunting is best when there is snow on the ground. We run these hunts out of our lodge and in the wilderness. Most of our lion hunts take place in the front range out of our lodge. We use snowmobiles, pickups and ATVs. The guide will typically get up early in the morning and run roads with the snowmobile. The hunter usually has a fairly leisurely breakfast and then hunts with the guide until early afternoon. With cat hunts, we start early and end early. You do not want to turn hounds loose late in the day as you are not allowed to shoot a cat after dark. Lion hunting is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. Many hunters talk the big talk but very few actually bite the bullet and do the hunt.

Wilderness hunts are very time consuming and require advance notice. If you are going to book a wilderness hunt for lion, we need to know at least 6 months in advance so we can leave our camp set up after the fall elk/deer season. In the wilderness, you are allowed to have 2 lion tags so you could potentially kill two lions. Wolves are a hard animal to hunt and most opportunities happen as incidental to elk, deer or lion hunting. I wish there were a perfect time to hunt wolves but there really isn’t. If I had to choose, I would say a wilderness lion/wolf hunt in the winter is the best time to harvest a wolf. Wolf tags are cheap so we ask all hunters to pick one up just in case they see a wolf no matter which hunt they are on.