Mountain Lion/Wolf

Mountain lion hunting in Idaho with Mile High Outfitters is offered both inside the Frank Church Wilderness and in the front range along the Salmon River between Stanley and Challis, Idaho. Most of our mountain lion hunting takes place in the front range that borders the Frank Church Wilderness and the Boulder/Whitecloud Wilderness areas. We stay in our lodge and use snowmobiles, atv’s and trucks. Each hunter is allowed one lion tag. We rise early in the mornings and look for mountain lion tracks in the dark. With any luck, we will have a good cat track found by daylight and can turn the hounds loose early. Idaho does not allow you to hunt big game with the use of artificial light. If we tree a lion after dark, we have to let it go, therefore, we get up early and try to get done early. An old lion hunter once told me that “a good day of lion hunting is when you are back to camp with all the dogs by dark”. Most front range hunters enjoy soaking at the Challis Hot Springs in the evenings. We ask our lion hunters to purchase a wolf tag just in case we see one.
The wilderness hunt is a tent camp, horseback, fly in hunt. This hunt is a fun but very physical lion hunt. It takes us 2 days to get the stock into camp and then a day or two to drag the horse drawn snow plow along the airstrip so we can land the plane. This hunt needs to be booked well in advance so we can prepare. There is no doubt in my mind that a new potential world record lion is running around in this wilderness and if you get him, you will have earned it. The elevation is lower in the wilderness and since we are relying on snow to see the tracks, it can make the hunting even tougher. Having said that, there is still nothing like hunting the wilderness for lions. I can count on one hand the number of other people seen on a wilderness lion hunt. Many hunters ask me what hunt has the best odds of shooting a wolf. The answer is a wilderness hunt. Riding horses is quieter and gives you more time to glass and listen for wolves. Each hunter is allowed 2 lion tags and 5 wolf tags. If booked during the season, we also have opportunities for bobcats. Mountain lion and wolf tags are guaranteed.