Guided Idaho Bighorn Sheep Hunting & Mountain Goat Hunts

Bighorn Sheep Hunting in the Frank Church Wilderness – Tough Terrain & Big Rewards

Of the 35 units in Idaho that hold Rocky Mountain Bighorns and California Bighorns, we can guide in about 6 of them. We hunt some of the toughest areas in the state. Do not even think about applying for Idaho bighorn sheep hunts if you are not willing to be in the best shape possible. Some popular units in Idaho will give you an opportunity to see multiple rams and some units will be lucky to produce just one decent ram. Horses and mules are a must to access the areas where we hunt.  Because the Frank Church Wilderness is so large, we spend many days in the summer clearing trail to access sheep habitat.  This means it is extremely important for you to book the trip as soon as you draw the tag. Many times hunters try on their own, do not find the rams, and then want to book a guided hunt with very little time left in the season. Most times we are forced to turn these hunters down. This is heartbreaking from both sides as most hunters will never draw a second sheep tag, and we love sheep hunts! Please keep in mind that my family has been hunting the Frank Church Wilderness, South Fork of the Salmon, Middle Fork of the Salmon and Main Salmon drainages of Idaho since the 50’s. Patterning sheep is essential to being successful. Between winter lion hunts, spring bear hunts, summer trail clearing, fishing and fall elk/deer season, my guides and I spend approximately 7 months per year in the Idaho wilderness. It’s funny how you can hunt hundreds of square miles of gorgeous sheep country and never find a sheep, yet a group of rams will haunt the same square mile of home habitat year after year. Even though we use the horses and mules, be prepared to put on a backpack. Most rams do not hang out at the trailhead or airstrip. Of the dozens of sheep hunters we have guided, I can only remember two who did not get rams.

Overall, outfitted sheep hunts are 5-10 times more likely to connect with that dream trophy than non-guided hunts. It usually takes a team to make a successful sheep hunt. You need one person to handle the stock and at least one more person looking for rams. Most sheep hunters just do not have the time to clear the trail and scout for as long as it takes to connect with that trophy ram of a lifetime.

You need to apply for sheep in the month of April. You can either apply yourself with a credit card or send us a check and we will apply for you. If you use a credit card, you will be charged a convenience fee by Idaho Fish and Game. If you have us apply, you will need to send a check or money order via the mail. This takes time so do not wait until the end of the month. If you send a personal check, we will need time for it to clear.  Bottom line, if you wait until mid- April, it is probably easier to use your credit card and apply directly with Idaho Fish and Game. In order to apply for a bighorn sheep tag, you will need to buy a hunting license first. This is non-refundable. We are only in business because of you, and if you hire Mile High Outfitters we are more than willing to help you draw that highly coveted bighorn sheep tag and share all the hunting information we have learned over the last 60 years.

Guided Idaho Mountain Goat Hunts – 100% Success Rate!

Mountain goat hunting with Mile High Outfitters in the Salmon River Mountains probably represents the best of what Idaho has to offer. These tough, white, throwbacks from the days of glacial ice ages inhabit rough, steep terrain. There are about 20 goat units in Idaho and we guide in 2 of them. Thank God for horses and mules because without them, the hunt would probably stop before it ever got started.  We clear trail all summer to be able to access the goats in our area. If you draw a tag and want to book with us, we need to know as soon as possible in order to get these trails cleared. Goat hunting is not for the weak hearted. There is nothing more beautiful than a lone Billy with thick hair standing on a cliff at 10,000’. They are one of God’s most majestic creatures. The hooves of a goat are convex in shape and allow them to actually work like mini suction cups. If you are a gambler, you can lose a lot of money placing bets against your guides on which rocks a goat can climb.

Mountain goat seasons open August 30th but we prefer to wait until the end of the season. This allows the goats to grow their winter coat. The only drawback to waiting is once it snows, the goats blend in better with their surroundings. If you book with us, we will be keeping an eye on them so it should not be a problem. So far, we have been 100% on goats for our clients.

Most people that look at a goat can’t tell the difference between a nanny or a billy and there is very little difference in the length of the horns between the two genders. It is important to harvest a billy rather than a nanny, however. Idaho Fish and Game is very conservative with the number of goat tags allocated and if the public harvests nannies, they will reduce tag numbers. 

The time to apply is the month of April. We recommend applying early in April. Do not wait until the last day. We can either help you apply or you can apply on your own. If you apply on your own, you will be required to use a credit card and you will be charged a convenience fee. As long as we have time for your check to clear, you can pay us and we will apply for you to save the convenience fee. You must purchase a hunting license first and this is non- refundable. Idaho Fish and Game will send the tag or your refund to the address on the application. Your money will not be sent back to Mile High.

We’ve spent years learning the habits of the game and we want to help you with everything from the application process to caping that huge billy. If hunting an Idaho Mountain Goat is on your bucket list, don’t hesitate to call.

Satisfied Mile High Outfitter Clients with Their Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat Trophies

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